Monday, July 28, 2008

What a morning!

So, last Wednesday night, our garage door opener broke. BD went to Lowe's on Thursday after work and bought a replacement. They called yesterday to set up the installation and I had my choice of today between 9 and 10 am or Friday between 4 and 5. Naturally, I took today. They showed up at 10:45 am (at least they called). When I went out the door from the house to the garage, I locked myself out! I checked every door and window, nothing. One of the guys tried the door with a credit card and screw driver, he couldn't get it. So, I used his cell phone to call BD. I had to leave him a message at work, as even the operator wouldn't answer.

The guys left at 11:25. I sat on the back deck drinking water and reading my Cooking Light magazine, that had luckily just come in the mail. Lucky for me, we have a fridge in the garage with drinks and the mail comes early! BD showed up at about 12:20. So, I had almost an entire hour of nothing to do except peruse my magazine. Other than it being super hot and having to pee the whole time, I guess it was pretty nice!

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