Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So, PM had a sleepover on Saturday night.

Side note: did you know boys are supposed to call them sleepovers and girls call them slumber parties? I was informed of this and told to only refer to them this way by several men.

Anyway, he had three boys from his Kindergarten class last year over. We took them swimming, they jumped on the trampoline and played the Wii. I tell you, between one kids DS and the Wii, we couldn't get them away from the video games! Before they went to sleep, they watched Batman. Yesterday, PM told me that one of the boys was saying that the Joker was real. I told him he wasn't and he continued on with, what if he really was. My answer, after telling him he wasn't over and over again, was that if the Joker is real, then Batman must be real too.

Well, imagine my surprise when I saw this news article yesterday. Thank goodness PM doesn't surf the web and read the news!

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