Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Meet the family

I'd like to start by introducing you to the our family and then explain the title of my blog. First, BD is Big Daddy. No, he isn't a large (as in obese) man, but he is extremely tall (6' 5"!) and I am rather average at 5' 5". As you can see, there is a one foot difference between us, and therefore, he will be known here as BD.

PM is my little Peanut Man son. The PM was born in December of 2001. You do the math, but that means that right now he is two months shy of turning 5 years old. The PM was born in North Carolina and then we moved back to Indiana when he was just a mere 3 months old. We stayed in Indiana long enough to have baby number two in January of 2003. She is lovingly referred to as DQ or Drama Queen. I hate to use such a steriotypical name for her, but it is so fitting. Hopefully, as she grows, she will outgrow this name and move onto something sweeter, like DD (Dear Daughter), but we shall see. Shortly after DQ was born (exactly 5 weeks), we packed up and moved back to North Carolina. We have been back in North Carolina since February of 2003 and have no plans to move anytime in the near future.

PM and DQ look VERY much alike. In fact, I am constantly getting asked if they are twins. I was recently introduced to a new term "Irish Twins". People would ask if they were twins, when I replied with no, they are 13 months apart, their response was "Wow, pretty much Irish Twins then!". I had no idea what that meant. So, I took the time to Google the term. It turns out that Irish Twins "is a slang term that refers to siblings born 9 to 12 months apart - usually in the same calendar year, or who are in the same class at school", this is from Wikipedia.

Since PM and DQ are in fact 13 months apart, not 9-12, I couldn't really call this site "Irish Twins". Instead, I am going to say that they are "As Close as you can get..." to Irish Twins.

So, that is the short history of the family and how the site name came to be. I am sure as time goes on that the title will refer to many, many more possibilities, but for now that is it.

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Stefanie said...

I stumbled across your blog recently and I know I'm way behind but enjoyed reading about your family. I have a set of true Irish Twins. They're actually 9 months and five days apart (they would have been 11 months apart but sister came two months early). They are actually in the same grade (birthdays in July and Oct)!