Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fun Times in Nashville

Well, at the beginning of last week, I was in Nashville for training. The training wasn't wonderful, but the free time was great! Monday night, we went to the Red Pony in Franklin for drinks. It was a very interesting place. We just had drinks and few appetizers there, but everything was great! In the women's bathroom, just a single bathroom, no stalls, I saw this on the wall:

Interesting you think? The whole wall was kind of like that. As you looked at it, you kept seeing different things. Very interesting.

From the Red Pony, we moved on to the Flying Horse, also in Franklin. WOW is all I can say. The looks of the restaurant in no way prepared me for the exquisite food! I definitely didn't expect that! I had the Salmon Glazed with Jack Daniels and Sorghum. It was supposed to come with cornbread pudding, but I had them substitute mashed potatoes. I wish I had left the dish as it was supposed to be, as I had never tried cornbread pudding, but I wimped out. Anyway, it was so good that I wanted to lick the plate when I was done!

Tuesday night, after enjoying a little bit of Happy Hour at the Embassy Suites we were staying at, we went for a nice dinner. (Side note: Always a great benefit to be able to stay at an Embassy Suites. Cooked to order breakfast is good, but free drinks are even better!) We went to a restaurant that was recommended by a gentlemen in the Embassy Suites bar. It was called Bound'ry Restaurant. There, we started with drinks. Check out the martini I got!
I can't recall the name of it, but the ingredients were; Absolut Citron, Pama, Sweet & Sour, Sprite and a cherry in the bottom. Yummy!

After dinner, my co-worker and I met up with some others from our class in downtown Nashville. We visited a few bars with live music. One of my favorites was Ana Popovic. I took a short video clip, but it isn't as good as what you can find on her website.

We left there around 1am, yes you read that correctly. When we got to where we had left the car, it wasn't there. Then, the adventure begins. You see, apparently, there was a sign, as you turned onto the road, that said No Parking 3:30pm - 8:00am. Down by the meter we parked at, there was no such sign. Nor were there any labels on the meters. When we parked the road was full, with the exception of our spot. When we got out there, no cars at all. We flagged down a cab and were driven to the impound log, where we were told it was at a different lot. Our cab driver was awesome. He got out at the lot to see if anyone was there, there wasn't. He called the number on the sign for us and waited until someone got there. Of course, we paid him for all of that, but still, he didn't have to wait. So, a $20 cab ride and $80 impound fee later, we had our rental car back. We still have to pay the $25 parking ticket as well.

So, if you ever go to Nashville, be very careful where you park. The cab driver told us it is pretty much a tourist trap and they tow people all the time.

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