Tuesday, September 25, 2007

PM and Soccer

Last night, DQ had soccer practice and PM came along. A friend that he goes to after school care with was there and PM got his soccer ball out and the two were goofing off with it. His coach then showed up with his wife and their two sons. We weren't missing practice, but they had come out to practice with their kids, talk about dedicated, it was over 90 degrees! Anyway, they offered that PM could practice with them. He did. I tell you, after about 5 minutes of running, he is done. And, he just isn't very good. Maybe it is because we don't practice with him outside of when he goes to soccer practice. Are we really supposed to?

Their kids understand what his coach and wife were telling them, such as spread out, fan out, defense, pass, etc... PM on the other hand seems to be in outer space most of the time and not really paying attention. BD and I even yelled a few times, "move away so you are by yourself", "pass it to so and so".

Am I expecting too much? Should we continue to let him sign up for soccer even though he pretty much stinks at it? I feel so bad watching him. It doesn't help that he is tinier than most of the other kids on his team. It is just so hard to watch...

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Dawn said...

I know how you feel! Elizabeth is like that sometimes with basketball. Lots of people say it is because she needs more practice and to learn to be more aggressive, but I still wonder if they are just being nice. Or like us, are thinking that a 5' tall 4th grader HAS to get better with practice? Is it just that she is immature for an "adult" body? You can never be sure. Our thoughts are that as long as she is having fun, let her! It is good exercise and maybe they will build up their endurance! ((HUGS))