Monday, May 14, 2007

Still alive, though just not kicking

Today was a really, really bad day on the recovery front. I barely slept last night, then I finally slept from about 6:30 this morning until about 11 am. The last time I had taken pain medicine was some time during the night and I am starting to think that it is what is causing me not to sleep. On top of that, I must have caught some type of stomach virus that lets just say, wasn't pretty and required me to drink even more liquids for fear of getting dehydrated.

Anyway, the whole day was pretty much a blur. I got up at 11 am and watched recorded episodes of "Two and a Half Men" and "The New Life of Old Christine" or whatever it's called. I was so miserable and couldn't even barely eat the Egg Drop soup or pudding I had. I finally called the doctors office and asked for a different pain medicine. Unfortunately, the problem I was having was not caused by the pain medicine, as that causes just the opposite of constipation. So, I guess it really was a virus. After feeling awful, I passed out in the bed for a little bit, only to be hounded by the phone ringing a few times. When I woke up, the phone rang, I was drenched in sweat, and I do mean drenched. It looked like I had just got down doing a spin class for three hours straight. I took a quick body shower and waited for BD to get home.

After he got home, I was feeling a little bit better and decided to go ahead and take some of the pain medicine I had to try to eat. And I ate!! Big News!!! I had a single scrambled egg (no salt or anything). Then, I had two pieces of toast with butter cinnamon and sugar on them, no crust. Yippee!!! BD is going back this evening to pick up the new pain medicine prescription. It is a patch and I am praying it will let me sleep. I still keep having hot flashes where I get all sweaty, and I don't know what is up with that. I pray that it isn't early menopause or something on top of all of this crap!

Enough of a pity party, I ate!! When BD goes to pick up my new medication, he is going to also get me an Oreo Blizzard!!!

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

Oh good grief, I hope you are feeling better soon. What the heck is it that laid you out so bad?