Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can't eat, can't sleep, I toss and turn

Well, I think I slept too much during the day yesterday or something, as I cannot sleep to save my life tonight. I am still taking the pain meds every four hours and believe me, when it starts getting close I am counting down the minutes! Tonight I have been pretty much falling asleep, only to awaken about ten minutes later. So, I have given up and figure I will surf the net and read a book for a little bit.

I guess the recovery is going well. It seems to be going as expected, according to the doctor. I am still shocked that it is this difficult after seeing PM go through it a few years ago and it was pretty much a piece of cake. I am very, very, very tempted to see if our ENT thinks DQ's tonsils are large enough to take out now, rather than wait until she is older so as to not put her through all of the pain later in life.

As I said, I am taking the pain medicine (liquid percocet) every four hours. I have had to take the phenegren a few times for naseua, but that is it. I have had a low fever that has spiked as high as 102.2. According the the ENT, that is normal and fine. He said to just keep pushing the liquids. I read online that as long as you stay hydrated, the fever will stay down. It seems to be true. If I start not drinking as much, it goes back up.

My tongue still feels swollen and out of place. Apparently, whatever they clamp your tongue down out of the way does a lot of "damage". Nothing permanent, but my tongue and the inside of the molars feels bruised and he said that it is from the clamps and such. Once that part feels better, a lot of the discomfort will be gone I think.

As for the throat, I made the mistake and checked it out. EWWWW!!!! Gross!!!! I won't be doing that again any time soon!

The kids have been pretty good and BD has been great! He has really taken over. I am so lucky to have a great husband like him! When all is said and done, I think he deserves a free weekend or something (actually, I know he has one in Sept or Oct, so I guess I just won't make him feel guilty for going!) So far, all I have had to eat is jello, oatmeal, pudding, ice cream, ice cream cake and egg drop soup. I feel the weight loss plan kicking into high gear! I can't eat too much ice cream or ice cream cake, as they are too cold. My good friend brought the ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. So, it is torture, because it is really good, but it is very hard to eat the crunchy layer in the middle. About the most I have had to eat of anything is the egg drop soup. I just let it cool so that it isn't too hot and go to town. I have had a whole quart the last two nights in a row!

The downers have been that I have missed two of PM's soccer games and one of DQ's through all of this. I really want to be better enough to not miss his game this coming Thursday.
Well, that is the update for now. I guess I am off to read a book for a little bit now...

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