Friday, December 08, 2006

Yes, I am a klutz

So, first a few weeks back, I drop my iron on my right ankle... Then today happened...

I was wandering around my building trying to figure out what to have to eat for lunch and decided to go to Quizno's. Now, our Quizno's has two open entrances and the rest of the front is glass, can you see where this is going? Anyway, I proceeded to walk to the second entrance, as that is the closest to where you have to order. I start looking and and rummaging through my purse looking for my coupon as I turn and RUN STRAIGHT INTO A GLASS WALL!!! Thoughts immediately start flooding my mind, one of which was, "so this is what a bird must feel like", then "OMG, did everyone just see that?", "I can't look around at anyone right now", "DAMN that hurt my left knee!", "I cannot cry, DAMN it hurts, don't cry..." You get the point.

So, I straighten up, laugh a bit (people must have thought I was drunk or high) and walk to the counter. Meanwhile, my knee is screaming in pain and I am fighting back tears. I managed to order and get out of there and not limp. Walking back to the elevator bank, I tried really hard not to limp either, but it was killing me! As I am waiting in the elevator bank, a man walks up. Guess what he has in his hand? Go ahead, guess....

Yep, a Quizno's cup. I couldn't look at him the entire ride up. Luckily, he got off on the 11th floor and I continued up to 19. I have finished my yummy lunch and am sitting here with my leg propped up and an icepack on my knee.

So, in the past month or so, I have managed to hurt my right ankle and my left knee. Things supposedly happen in three's, so what is next???

Ok, hopefully this was number three, I just accidentally posted this to the wrong blog!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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