Monday, December 11, 2006

Birthday Party Success!

We had his party yesterday afternoon at 4PM at the local bowling alley (same place as last year). Out of the 30 kids that rsvp'd, 27 showed up. The kids had a blast, but to me it was torture. Thank goodness the parents all stayed, but the kids were just wild! Part of it was because he had invited all of his friends he used to go to school with. None of them really see each other anymore, as they have all scattered. They were SOOOO happy to see each other again and had so much fun! You figure they have known each other since they were babies, so they really missed each other!

Each kid bowled a complete game and then we had dinner of pizza and hot dogs for them. After that, we did the cake (Batman again) and then we ended the party. It was already 6PM by this time and I decided we would just open the presents at home! We ran through the Arby's drive through and headed home. Our friends and their two kids came over and we let PM open his 20 presents. Man, talk about a lot! He was so excited! We only let him take one present out of it's package though, as it was too late...

I will say that the Leapster L-Max is a huge hit with him! He has barely put it down since we gave it to him yesterday morning. When he does it is to play with either his new air hockey table (from my parents) or his "Ninja Turtle Sewer Spewer" (the damn thing shoots silly string and is a remote control vehicle. I removed the silly string and told him we can only put that in when it is outside!) that my sister got him. I had to pry the Leapster away from him when we got to school today, I think he is addicted already!!

No pictures yet, as I was too tired to deal with them last night. But, if I have any decent shots, I'll get them up tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

My friend's son in a HUGE Batman fan. I found a Halloween costume for him online (he only likes the black costume, not the gray one) and my friend is seriously thinking about disowning me because I got him Batman stuff for Christmas, including a mask. She will never get the mask off of him! Hehehe.