Friday, December 08, 2006

Grateful post

I came here to complain about one thing or another and realized all I was doing was complaining. Then, I got my Christmas bonus from work. Yippee!!! I am in a much better mood already!

So, what am I happy about today instead of what can I bitch about? I am happy that I got my Christmas bonus and that all of the Christmas shopping I have done is now paid for. I am happy that I have two healthy kids! I am happy that BD and I are both healthy. I am happy that we haven't been in any car accidents lately (knock on wood). I am happy to be alive.

I do feel bad today though. One of my good friends was driving to work today and was rear-ended. Ironically enough, her husband was at the dealership dropping his car off for body work, as he had been rear-ended on Friday of last week. Keep them in your thoughts that they don't have any more bad luck before Christmas!

Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

It's generally smart to be afraid of anything I link to/talk about :) You learn quick!