Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sugar Rush

Watching PM eat Fun Dip and then watching one of my co-workers do the same (the one we walled in with the styrofoam) brought back memories of childhood. We weren't dirt poor growing up, but we really didn't have money either. As kids, we thought it was cool to have sleepovers in our garage. There was a large piece of carpet that fit in my room that we took out (it was just layed on the floor, not installed) and kept rolled up in the garage. My mom would let us clean out the garage, that was never used back then to park a car in, and put the carpet down. We would cover the garage door windows with newspaper and have a slumber party with our friends.

My mom, being the best mom that she is, would make us Fun Dip/Pixie Sticks. She would take a packet of Kool-Aid and put it in a bowl. She would then mix it with real sugar. Presto! Pixie Sticks in a bowl! I remember many a night sitting in the garage with my friends eating that stuff. Mom only had one rule, you were only allowed in the house to use the restroom, otherwise, we had to stay in the garage.

Sigh... Those were the days. Thanks mom for the memories. I hope my kids can have good memories like this when they are older.

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