Thursday, November 02, 2006


Since I never got around to posting pictures of the kids from Halloween, I thought I should do so before it is Christmas.
Here is DQ, in all her glory as SuperGirl:

And here is PM, as Superman, eating his favorite "candy", Fun Dip:

Oh, and we can't forget my adorable nephew:


Anonymous said...

Found you off the nanoblo list and wow, some great kid pictures... they are beautiful.

AdventureDad said...

The picture on top of your daughter is the cutest and most awesome costume I've ever seen. What's up with your family, your nephew's kids is absolutely adorable. Do you have supermodel genes in the family?:-))

Nice weekend


QofD said...

I love, love, love these photos! Your kids are beautiful, and your nephew is too cute for words.

But about your daughter... you're gonna need to buy a gun before she hits the teen years. Otherwise you will have boys all over the place... what a beauty!