Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Another Ninja Turtle Purchased

I think I should have started a running count of how many ninja turtles I have bought throughout the years for PM and all of his and DQ's friends having birthdays! It would probably be over 30 by this point.

From about the end of October until the middle of January, my kids seem to have at least one birthday party to attend each weekend. Many weekends, we have 2-3 to attend. Not only does it get expensive to keep buying all of these gifts, but it is so time consuming as well.

This coming weekend, I thought I was getting a birthday party free weekend. But no, a neighborhood friend scheduled her son's party for this Friday night at 6PM at the last minute.

What is it with people and last minute invitations? I thought maybe we were a last minute invite, but then saw her handing them out to a few other people at their school and another friend in the neighborhood.

So much for a birthday party free weekend. At least it is Friday night and we have the rest of the weekend to ourselves.

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Anonymous said...

I like your little "GAAH" guy. That's how I would feel too.