Thursday, November 16, 2006

International Night

Last night BD and I decided to get ourselves Chinese takeout for dinner. The kids don't generally like Chinese food so we didn't get them anything, except some extra egg drop soup for PM. He heard me talking on the phone with BD and immediately starting yelling that he wanted egg drop soup! It was very cute.

Anyway, DQ had her staple, macaroni & cheese from MarketDay and PM had his staple butter, peanut butter and jelly sandwich with three pieces of bread. Then, when BD got home with the food, PM had some egg drop soup. He got a little more adventurous and tried some of the egg roll and exclaimed he liked it! He also really liked my sesame chicken.

DQ shocked us by also wanting to try the egg roll. She didn't like it and spit it in the trash can. She turned her nose up at my sesame chicken because, well, that's chicken silly. She doesn't eat chicken, except chicken nuggets. She did want to try my egg drop soup, after repeatedly asking if it had chicken in it. She actually liked it. I was shocked and poured her some in a bowl as well for her, which she ate all of.

So, there you have it. They are growing up in more ways than one. I think trying new and different foods is high up on the list of acting more grown up.

*****As a side note, the link I have above for the macaroni and cheese is a godsend from MarketDay. It comes pre-cooked in 7oz frozen packages. You simply cut a small slit in them and microwave for two minutes. It tastes much better than the easy mac. In fact, it tastes just like you made the original blue box! I highly recommend it.

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