Friday, October 06, 2006

Green Hair

DQ is currently at home again today with me while she recovers from bronchitis. Neither of my children have ever had this, so I was completely shocked when our pediatrician diagnosed it yesterday afternoon as bronchitis in her right upper lung. He did mention the "p" word, pneumonia, but said he wasn't going to call it walking pneumonia yet. Holy cow! She is barely sick! She just has a fever and a cough, that really isn't even that bad. Yes, count me shocked.

Right now DQ is downstairs playing with playdough that makes her My Little Pony have the most beautiful color of green hair grow out of it's head. She thinks the green hair on her pink pony is just lovely and spins the pony around on it's pedestal in front of it's mirror. Oh to be young again and think green hair is lovely...

Onto my dilemma... I am supposed to fly out tomorrow (Saturday) morning and not return until Thursday evening after the kids are already in bed. I have a training seminar in Chicago Tuesday through Thursday and I am going up early and driving to Indiana to spend time with my family. I really wish I wasn't going early now, with DQ being sick and all. I already felt guilty about leaving them for six whole days, but now it is killing me! BD seems to think it will be fine, in fact he isn't even making me feel guilty about it. I guess the pediatrician just scared me by saying if she still had a fever on Monday morning that she would have to be re-evaluated and probably have a chest x-ray and all. That just really freaked me out! So, what would you do? Would you go and hope for the best?

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