Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sick again

How many times can a 3.5 year old get sick in one year? Seriously?? DQ is just getting over croup, which she was on the liquid steriod for her lungs with, and last night I noticed she had a fever. Of course, my child can't be the one who just has a fever at night and is back to normal the next morning. Nope, she has to be a top prizewinner and run a high one in the morning too. So, here I am at work at 6:45 AM so that I can leave as soon as reasonably possible so that BD can go to work. Oh how I wish we had grandparents nearby...

On a happier note, I got my new Chi flat iron on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning decided to give straightening my strangely curly hair a whirl. Well, it worked beautifully. In fact, it worked so well that now I don't think I need to go and have the relaxer done for the winter. I just really need a haircut.

Onto why you care about my hair... I was lying with PM last night saying good night and he asked me why I wanted my hair straight. I told him I just liked it that way. He said "I like your hair when it is curly or straight". Then, he continued with, "I like your hair no matter how it is. Even if you do it in big circles!" Ahhh... So nice to know he is happy with me no matter how I look. It is a good reminder to slow down and not worry so much about the material/physical things and just enjoy the kids. So often, I am so worried about what I am going to wear, getting my hair just right, putting my makeup on and having the "right" accessories that I tend to not focus on what is important. What IS important is that I am spending time with them. Whether we are going to a birthday party or just the park or just hanging out at home, they are just happy to be with me. They don't judge based on looks and I need to remember that and just enjoy life with them more. What about you?

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Doodle said...

I love those moments when your kids remind you of how to keep things in perspective. Don't you sometimes wonder who's the grown-up and who's the kid?

Now, I'd love to see your hair "in circles." Hee, hee. Too cute.