Thursday, August 28, 2014

Smothered Cheesy Chicken

Now that I am leaving work at 3pm every day, and NOT logging back in from home, I've been able to make dinner for the family.  There is a downside though. We still really don't have time to eat together, as one kid or the other has practice or games every night of the week, except Friday, around 6pm.  So, the kids and I sometimes eat and then BD eats really quick when he runs in and out.  Sometimes, I get everything ready and either already in the oven so BD and PM can eat while DQ and I are gone, or I have it all ready and BD puts it in the oven at the designated time.

This recipe was one of those that I left in the oven, with instructions on when to take it out.  It was enjoyed by all.  I used my Pampered Chef Mandolin to slice the potatoes very thin.  The chicken was very juicy and tender.  Unfortunately, the bacon grease left a mess of my stovetop!

So, here it is: Smothered Cheesy Chicken

Until next time... "It's gonna be ok"...

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