Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DQ turned 6

Her birthday was a few weeks ago, but we just had her party this past weekend. It was an "Almost Sleepover". The girls were invited to wear pajamas and bring their sleeping bags. We ended up with a total of 15 girls!!

As the girls arrived, they all went upstairs and played in DQ's room and the playroom. We then brought 8 of the girls downstairs to do their craft. We had them make pink poodle purses. After a bit, we let them go back upstairs to play and brought down the remaining 7. I had some games planned, but never had time to do them, as by this time, it was time for pizza. All the girls were very, very well behaved and ate very well. They drank either pink lemonade or water out of plastic champagne glasses.
After that, it was time for cake!!
DQ was so happy! (yes, I made the cake myself!) After that, it was time to watch the movie. They had so much fun dancing and singing with Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus.
Then, at 8:30, they all packed up and went home!

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