Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I think a girl has a crush on PM!

She was in his class last year. At their FairyTale Ball, she wanted to dance with him, but he would have nothing of it. I have this picture, which makes me think of them at a dance when they are older and her wistfully leaning on the wall trying to get him to dance or them having an argument and him walking away...
Anyway, we were at his football game this past Saturday and she was there. She came up and asked me where he was, and I pointed right behind her to the group of boys sitting on the ground waiting. I told her his number. She went over and said hi and he just kind of grunted. She came back over to chat with me for a minute. I tried to get her to go give him a hug or talk to him or something, as he was looking so embarrassed already, but she was too shy to. It was cute how she stood there talking to me and kept looking at him. He kept looking away, trying not to smile. We are in trouble when they get older!!!

Oh, and I can't remember if I already told you about this or not... Anyway, he had an assignment at school to do that said "My favorite color is __________ because ______________________________" Well after he filled it in like this "My favorite color is gold because it reminds me of money." Yes, he definitely takes after BD!

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