Thursday, September 04, 2008

High School Football

I grew up at a school where high school football was the focus of the entire community. Every season, that was all anyone talked about. When it snowed, study hall classes were taken to the football field to roll the snow into giant snowballs and push them off the field. The quarterback was allowed to cheat off me during Biology, because he was just that, the quarterback of our team. (not that I minded, he was pretty cute!) But, all of that led to a state championship my senior year of high school.

Fast forward 16 years and here I am, living in a community where high school football is regarded just as highly. Our school is a smaller town school, just like the one where I grew up. I am less than 2 miles from the high school and can hear the cheers on game nights. You know what? I still love it.

DQ did a cheer clinic with the high school cheerleaders over the summer. All of those that did the clinic got the opportunity to cheer at the first home game with the high school cheerleaders during a quarter. K-2 grades were during the second quarter.

Both kids were very excited to get to the game. PM's football team had handed out game jerseys that week, just so the boys could wear them to the high school game:

She seemed a little shy/nervous at first:

But, she then perked up:

And, what do we have here? Some future high school football players!

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