Monday, August 25, 2008


PM had his Jamboree on Saturday. For those of you who don't know what a Jamboree is, it is where all of the teams that are going to be playing one another come together and play short scrimmage games. Typically, you don't want to show everything you've got, so you only will run some of your plays. Well, PM is on the Red Offensive line. That's supposedly the good one. Anyway, he only got to play about 10 minutes, but he loved every minute of it, especially after this happened...

He was playing on the left side and I noticed at the beginning of this play that they moved him to the right position instead. I thought, they are going to give him the ball, just like in practice the other night. Then, I thought, No, they wouldn't do that... Well, here it goes (he is number 27 in these pictures).

The hand-off:
The run behind the line:
Almost there, no one in sight...
TOUCHDOWN!!! Still, no one in sight!
In case you are wondering, no it isn't your eyes. These pictures are pretty bad. I was so excited that I wasn't paying too much attention to taking pictures! PM was pretty stoked too. He is still excited about that one!

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