Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008 - Part VI - Warren Dunes

One of the days we spent at the beach, Warren Dunes. While growing up, we spent many a day there, so I always love to take the kids there. One of the big draws, other than the beach, is the huge sand dune. You can see how large the hills are just by looking at the tiny people on the hill.
My nephew J had a slight problem with his swim trunks, they were a little too big...
PM had a blast.
So did DQ.
When we finally went to climb the hill, it took a while. Here are a few shots of the walk up. PM took a break on a fallen tree:
DQ played with the sand a bit:
As the walk up got more difficult, DQ decided crawling was easier.
And BD and PM took a break.
At the top, everyone took a much needed rest.
Everyone started on the run back down.
PM lost his footing and crashed into the sand.
He spent a little bit getting the sand out of his mouth:
DQ was moving pretty quickly too:
J ended up in a large hole and spent the afternoon digging.
The only one who really played in the water was PM. It was colder than what we are used to, and darker and dirtier... At one point BD saw two pieces of poop with corn in them floating by. Eeewww!!! I never went back in afterwards. PM did though.

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