Friday, August 17, 2007

New Starts

DQ is beginning Pre-K on Monday morning. I am not ready for it.

PM is beginning Kindergarten a week from Monday. I am not ready for it.

I think I am avoiding this blog so that I don't have to talk or think about it. Here is a wonderful poem written by one of my mommy friends. Thanks for the poem Edie!!!

His little nose pressed to the glass,
how did the time pass by so fast?
His little hand goes up to wave,
I will not cry, I will be brave.
Almost six years have passed by since
the day we brought him home,
and now the big bus rolls away,
my little guy is gone.
A school boy now and off to see
the wide world waiting there.
I hope the world is kind to him,
it can be so cruel and unfair.
I stand alone and watch the bus as it rumbles down the street.
My smile fades as a tear slips out,
have fun at school, my Sweet.

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