Thursday, May 17, 2007

Venturing Out

Well, I decided this afternoon/evening would be my first trip out. I removed the Fentanyl patch around 1Pm or so after feeling like it really wasn't doing anything for me but making me sweat and be dizzy all the time. Boy was I wrong. By this afternoon, my throat was on fire! So, I put another patch on.

I still was able to go with BD to PM's soccer game. It was a good game and PM scored his first goal of the season! A few of our friends also have their kids in the league and they all came over to say hi and see how I was doing. It felt good to get out. One of the moms mentioned it looked like I had lost weight. I felt proud to tell her that was one benefit and I am down eleven pounds now!

After the game we hit the McDonald's drive through. I got just a hamburger and a vanilla milkshake. Breaking off baby size bites, I was able to eat just about all of the hamburger. I only drank a little of the milkshake then though, as I was stuffed. I am now dizzy and flat our exhausted and my throat is sore. So, I am off to bed. Keep your fingers crossed for a good update tomorrow!

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