Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Ongoing Tonsil Saga

Well, after being on an antibiotic and prednisone while at Disney for the week, of course it flared back up about 4 days after I was done with the treatment. I went back last Friday and was told to try this other antibiotic and they would get me in with the ENT that I want to see (he is the same one that took care of both of my kids). Well, he is the head guy at the practice now, as the founder of the practice died suddenly last year, so he is now swamped.

I started the new antibiotic Friday night, so I will be done Monday (9th) morning with it. They say that they spoke to the doc and he said I could push it out 2-3 weeks and if I needed a refill before then, I could call in. DAMMIT, I don't want another refill, I want to see him and get this thing taken care of. I am scared of what is going on that it is something bad and want to either start treating it or have reassurance that it is not. So, my appointment is April 24, yes, you are seeing that right.

I have been on four different classes of antibiotics. As my one friend (who is an ER Physicians Assistant) put it, all the bacteria in my body are dead except the strep!

ARGH!!!!!!! I am so sick and tired of having pain in my neck/ear from my tonsil and lymph nodes. I am sick and tired of being tired all the time and having body aches (kind of like when you have the flu). I am sick of being grumpy with the kids because I don't feel well.


Queen of Dysfunction said...

You need Vicodin. Make sure to ask the doctor for some. Oh, and get some for the kids too. It helps. Trust me on this.

Nicole P. said...

April 24?! Holy crap. I hope you feel better before then!