Monday, March 05, 2007

Out of the mouth of a child

As I was lying with DQ tonight, we were talking about kisses. I told her "mommy and daddy kisses are ok, but boys kisses are yucky!" She said PM's kisses were yucky and I told her those were ok. Then, I proceeded to say that Elijah and Ben's kisses were yucky. She replied with "Ben's kisses aren't yucky because he loves me and I love him!" Yes, my daughter is betrothed I guess, and has been since she was 6 months old, to Ben. The "are in love" as she puts it. Sigh, what's a mom of a four year old to do?

On a much more serious note, I was talking with PM while lying with him and he brought something up that I didn't even know that he knew anything about. A few months back, a little boy in kindergarten at his school was shot accidentally by his 8 year old brother and died. We didn't really discuss it too much with him at the time because he didn't know the child and we didn't feel he needed to know about it. Tonight he tells me about a little boy named Matthew who's "older brother shot him in the eye with a real gun." He proceeded to give me some details, like his brother found the gun by accident and accidentally touched the part that made it shoot. I tried to gloss over the part about what actually happened to the boy and use it as a lesson about gun safety, but boy was that hard!

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