Friday, February 16, 2007

Still got my house!

Well, I didn't have to sign over my house to PM yesterday to get him to do the allergy testing, just promise him a chocolate dipped cone at McDonald's. Lucky me, I went to McDonald's with the kids. While they ate their chicken nuggets, french fries and milk, I had an entire big mac, all of my medium fries and some sprite. Then, after eating all of their food, they got chocolate dipped cones and I got an Oreo McFlurry! I felt awful later. I guess that is what you would probably call binge eating. I ended up sitting on the toilet with a tummy ache for about thirty minutes after they went to bed. (I know, TMI.) And, my stomach was hurting this morning again.

Oh, so you want to know about PM's allergy testing? Well, the moment the nurse called us back, he started crying. Yeah, crying and clinging to me. It took all I could to get him to get on the scale to be weighed and measured! He was forty pounds on the nose!

After answering the ten thousand questions from the allergy doctor (who by the way, had no sense of humor whatsoever and drove me made me feel like a failing comedian on stage getting booed off!), we proceeded to the actual allergy testing. Here he is after they wrote on his back and put the various spots on:
Here is his arm that they had to do after nothing happened on his back, not even the control. I think the lady was trying to be too gentle and didn't puncture the skin on a lot of them. I was glad they re-did the milk, eggs and nuts on his arm.
And, lastly, here he is holding his prize for being good and waiting for the results to be read.
So, does he have any allergies you ask? Nope. The kid just has eczema and asthma because he does. Did you know that the white marks left by eczema are there because it destroys the pigment in the skin and it can take about a year for it to return? Yep, my son the leper. I'll have to take pictures of the back of his legs sometime for you to see how lovely it looks.

(side note: these pictures were taken with the camera on my phone, so sorry about the poor quality...)


Queen of Dysfunction said...

Holy cow, that allergy testing is quite comprehensive isn't it?

...and mmmmmmmm on the Big Mac. I love me some McDonald's.

Anonymous said...

ugh eczema sucks big time and it takes all winter to get rid of the white spots then mine reappear as soon as it starts to get hot again:(