Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Few Funnies

First, for some reason tonight while DQ was soaking in the tub and I was cleaning out goldfish bowls (why don't ours die???), she had an interesting question. She asked if all daddies were taller than mommies. I told her not necessarily. She told me that her teacher said that mommies are always taller than daddies. I hate to debunk a teacher, but I told her this wasn't always the case and started trying to think of some. Out of the blue she says, M's mommy is taller than his daddy isn't she. I was very happy and agreed. I had a fading moment of feeling proud though as the next words out of her mouth were "well, his daddy is fat, so that must be why he can't grow as tall...". Yeah, I am raising my kid real well.

Then, while laying with PM putting him to bed tonight we were talking about Disney (since we are going in March) and all of the characters he is going to see. He is especially excited about seeing the Power Rangers. I mentioned the princesses and he "yuck"ed to them. I finally was asking who his favorite princess is and he replied with Princess Jasmine. When I asked why, he said because all the other princesses besides Jasmine and Ariel wear dresses. To that of course BD replied "that's my boy!". Yep, raising them well...

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