Friday, January 19, 2007

Random Thoughts Friday

I have a few thoughts floating around in this brain of mine today:
  • I am a weather whore. Whenever there is a possible big weather event, I get all worked up into a tizzy by checking the various weather sites constantly all day long. Take just this week for example. We had the possibility of a "wintry mix" Wednesday night into Thursday and lasting throughout the day. I must have looked at the radar on Intellicast (because they really have the best radar loop, what with the various colors to indicate different types of precipitation and all) about 25 times, including once in the middle of the night on Wednesday night when I got up with one of the kids. Pathetic, I know.
  • Does anyone else feel this way about public restrooms? You go into a stall and sit down. Of course, someone else goes into the stall next to you. First of all, they know you are in there, why can't they go one more down? But, I digress... So, you are sitting there and really have to pass gas. I mean, really bad. Do you try to slowly/quietly do it? I do. Many people in my office flush the toilet when they do to mask the sound. Whatever. Stop wasting water people, you are in a bathroom! Jeesh! Anyway, on the one hand, I feel like I should be quiet and not do it and on the other hand, I feel like I am in a bathroom and should be able to. What do you think?
  • PM decided he was big enough to get his own breakfast this morning. When I reminded him he couldn't even reach the milk, he conceded that I should get his milk and plate and he would get his poptart and cook it. (Yes, I am winning that mother of the year award for his wholesome breakfast.) I was scared to death to let him do it, but I did. And, do you know what, he did it! He put the poptart in the toaster oven. He turned it on and he took the poptart out without burning himself. It is so hard to stand back and let them do things new on their own.
  • DQ has also decided she is big enough to do things on her own since she is four now. She is getting dressed by herself now. She will not let me watch her though. I don't know what is up with that, but oh well. At least she is doing it. We are still working on the buckling our seatbelt by ourself in the car. I have to keep stopping PM from helping her.
  • And the forgetful brain strikes again. I had something really funny that I was saving for last and I completely forgot. I guess it will have to wait for another post, if/when I remember.

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Anonymous said...

I am a weather whore, too! Last week when that storm system passed through TX, I was worried sick about what was going to happen -- constantly checking and my local news station website, as well as closely following all the TV coverage. In the end, what we got was a bunch of rain!