Monday, January 22, 2007

Birthday Party Hell

As most of you know, my kiddos birthdays fall on either side of Christmas. PM's is in December and DQ's is in January. It seems to be a very popular time of the year to have children, as we have at least one birthday party per weekend every weekend from about Halloween through Valentine's day. This past weekend was not different. DQ went to a birthday party for one of her friends from her old school. They had it at La-tea-da's, which is a tea house in Charlotte.

It seems that lately more of the parties seem to be for the parents than the kids. I mean seriously, a real tea party for four year olds? Seems a little much. I could see it when they are more like 7-10, but at four, not good. The girls wanted to play with the balloons and run around, not sit still and drink tea. But, I digress. This all goes along with the goodie bag hell that I have experienced. You spend so much on the party and goodie bags that you might as well just take your kids to the toy store and let them spend a good $500! WTF! I'm just sayin...

And, this article says it too at

In any case, she still was very cute at the party, here are a few more pictures:

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