Monday, December 18, 2006


BD and I finally pulled out all of the gifts we have for the kiddos for Christmas to go through them. We needed to make sure that we have the same amount of gifts. When they get older, we will worry more about spending the same amount per child. Right now, we definitely just need to make sure they have the same number of presents to open.

As usual, I think we have too much. We had decided to scale back this year, but after buying them the things they asked for and things we wanted to get for them, there is still too much.

What do you do in your family? Do you set a dollar limit per child and not worry about the number of presents for each one? Do you just do the same number of presents and not worry about the money? Fill me in...


Snog Dot said...

The boys "usually" get the same number of gifts cause they need/want almost the exact same stuff. And I ALWAYS worry about money. That usually doesn't stop me, but I do worry.

Dawn said...

We go for # of presents and do consider $. DH worries about that more than me though, at least for now. Certain things just cost more than others.