Friday, December 15, 2006

DQ Christmas Program

I am such a proud mommy! DQ had her first performance ever last night. She had a Christmas program that both 3k classes did together. They have been practicing since before Halloween and she was beyond excited. I didn't really know what they were doing, as she kept it a surprise. I did know that she got to sing a part of a song by herself, with two other little boys. So, without further hesitation, here she is! DQ singing "Go Tell it on the Mountain"!!

Here is a picture of her shaking her bells for one song:

And, links to all of the videos:
Song One
Song Two
Song Three
Song Four
Song Five was the one shown above of her singing "solo"
Song Six
Song Seven
Song Eight
Song Nine
Song Ten


Anonymous said...

This post made my husband cry because he saw your daughter (who is cute as a button) and said "she was a baby once and now look at her, that's what's going to happen to ours!"

I love the dress she is wearing, and the video is precious. Yeah!

Mary said...

How sweet of your husband. And, thank you!