Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Windy City

Well, it is my last day in Chicago at class. It has been a very informative class, but of course, now I am bored as I listen to something about the product that I do not need. As predicted, it snowed today. Our classroom has no windows, so I was surprised when I left the room and saw it through the windows. I was so excited that, like the crazy southerner that I am, I went outside into it and took pictures!

After the initial excitement wore off, I remembered why I chose to live in the South. It is darn cold up here! I hate the cold! It is fun for a few days, but after that, it just gets old!!!! I don't like getting into a car all bundled up in a huge winter coat and cramming myself into a seat and buckling. I feel like I am being smothered. I don't like coming inside and having to take off wet/icy/slushy boots and leaving a wet trail where I walked. I definitely do not like the terrible drivers.

I do like living in the South and having a lovely Southern Winter. We may get snow one time, if we are lucky, and that is enough for me. It is enough to give us the nostalogic feeling of snow when we were younger and short enough to where we do not get stick of it. I do like wearing a very thin "winter" coat and not being smothered in the car.

I love the South and I can't wait to get home this evening!


Elleoz said...

Thanks for letting me know you visit my blog. It is nice to know that someone is reading it! LOL Hope I haven't bored you too much!

Have a safe trip home. It has been unusually cold here too, but nothing like up there in Chicago.

Blondie said...

Yes, you got a little taste of our early winter. Last year it didn't snow until after Christmas, so it was quite shocking to see it in October!