Monday, October 23, 2006

What does the American Flag Mean?

Our kids attend a 3k and 4k at a Freewill Baptist church. We are Catholic and attend a Catholic church, regularly. Our decision to send them to this particular program was weighed heavily with the type of religion they would learn. Would it counteract our own beliefs? Would the little bit of exposure to a different religion, while still Christian, have any negative impacts or does the quality education outweigh the risks? In the end, we decided to send them, after we were told the religion they learn at this young of an age is so generic that it really applies to all Christians.

Tonight at the dinner table DQ says to me, "Mommy, God is always with us. We can't see him, but he is there." Great! That is what I want to hear them learning!! Then, right after that, she says, "Mommy, do you know what the American Flag stands for?" I ask her what it stands for, thinking she will say Freedom or something to that affect. Instead what comes out of her mouth astonishes me. She says, "It means that if you pray to God in a place that you aren't allowed to that the police will come and get you and throw you in jail!" She continues, "At our school, it's ok because the police won't take us to jail, but somewhere else they will!"

WTF!!! I hope that she misunderstood or the teacher was talking about how in other countries you aren't free to pray to whoever whenever you want. But, I am scared that she is really talking about the issues with religion in public schools. Either way, I am calling the school tomorrow to find out what was really meant and ask her to clarify this with her students, who are all only 3 and really don't have any concept of this yet. Praying is a "new" concept to most of them!

Your thoughts?

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