Monday, October 23, 2006

Ringing of the doorbell

So, as anyone with young children probably does, around 7:20 we are getting pajamas on and brushing teeth in anticipation of calming down to go to bed. Tonight however, as we finished brushing teeth, the doorbell rang. At 7:20 PM, it is now dark outside. Our porch light was not on, nor were any of the lights that are posted on the side garage. So, why did someone ring the bell in the dark so late at night? (Yeah, yeah, I know, 7:20 isn't really that late, but to a 3 and 4 year old it is!)

I'll tell you why, because three people thought it would be nice to visit. That is, three people from the church that the kids "new" school is run by. They thought it would be nice to pay us a visit to invite us to their church. BD answered the door and went onto the porch to talk to them, after locking the dogs in our bedroom. He thought at first it was some type of political campaign thing. But no, the kids watched through the sidelights as he fended off the Freewill Baptists trying to get us to attend their church. They asked him if we had a church and he told them we did and that we are Catholic and the name of the church we attend. After a few minutes he told them, very pleasantly (I am shocked!) that we are very happy with our church and do not plan to attend a different one.

So, any Freewill Baptists reading this, please don't take offense, as I am not criticizing your religion. Just know that housecalls, while appropriate for people without small children are not really helpful for people with small children. A simple item sent in the mail would suffice and probably save money, since they wouldn't have had to pay for their gas to drive all the way over here!

With that said, I do really love their school! They are learning quite a bit!

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