Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bowl Game

Last Saturday, PM's team played in their first of two Bowl Games for Tiny Mite football. They played their little hearts out. Here is PM taking down an opponent:
Look at the determination on this one of our players faces:
Look at this play by our players:
DQ cheered, but they were freezing! Good thing their nice warm jackets arrived that day, and they were nice enough to get them passed out quickly!
In the end, they were disappointed that they lost to this team again. This is the only team they have lost to all season.
There was a trophy ceremony at the end. Being Tiny Mite football, both teams received a trophy.
After the trophy ceremony, it was nice because both teams came together as one and prayed together. Then, our boys got together for some pictures!
The trophy was a big draw:
And, each player got a chance to hold it:
Of course, PM wanted to know who got to take it home. Here he is leaving the field. One more game to go, this weekend. We play the same team. One more chance to beat them. They outweigh us, on average, 20 lbs per player. That's a lot for our little guys to overcome, but they will dig deep and play hard!!

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Ingrid said...

Sounds like you had a great season. One of my Twins played this season as well. His last game was two weeks ago. He was on the PeeWees. His team won the conference and were Champs. They went on to the playoffs where they took a chartered bus to their game. The boys were so thrilled. Unfortunately things didn't work out in our favor. There's nothing like cheering on the home team, huh! Best of luck next season!!! It's back to baseball and some basketball next for my two!

BTW, those were terrific action shots! Gotta love a guy in a uniform w/tight pants! LOL! Mine always roll their eyes when I tease 'em about how handsome they are in their uni's.