Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer Vacation 2008 - Part V - Pool

After the photo shoot, we drive the kids to a public pool that my sister and I went to as children. Our memories include a high dive and Jolly Rancher sticks, neither of which are there still.
Instead of one high diving board in the middle of two lower ones, there are simply two lower ones. They also have added two water slides in another area of the pool. There are two smaller pools still there as well. It took J a while to warm up to actually getting into the water. He was content to hang out and play with some pool toys.
J eventually got tired and we couldn't keep his hands out of his mouth.
K and DQ had fun playing together:
PM was his typical water loving self. He found some boys to play with and spent the time going down the slides and jumping off the diving boards. Check out this picture. It almost looks as if the water is making earrings on each ear.
For some reason, my niece K is all about having her picture taken. First, she wanted one by herself:
Then, she wanted one with my sister, her step mom:
Oh, how old is K you may be asking? If you ask her, she will say almost 13. Her birthday is in October. Sigh... To be young again.

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