Sunday, June 10, 2007

Will Power

My "diet" plan is this, eat healthy every day of the week, but have one free day where I can splurge. That free day was yesterday. Here's how bad my willpower was though:

Friday night, I had two pieces of pepperoni pizza with garlic butter dipping sauce for the crust.

Saturday was a free day. No need to feel guilty at all. I didn't work out and I ate what I wanted, for the most part. I had my typical Weight Control Oatmeal (which I won't be having anymore since I saw it contains Splenda). After the grocery store, PM and I shared a 3 Musketeers candy bar. I didn't really eat lunch. But, then for dinner I scored. We had friends over. We had steaks in a really yummy marinade (the kids had cheeseburgers and every one of them finished theirs!). We also had roasted vegetables and homemade macaroni and cheese. For dessert we had The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever with Vanilla Ice Cream. To top it all off, my friend and I made shaker after shaker of Key Lime Pie Martini's. I should have taken pictures of the awesome drink and maybe I will some day. And, maybe at that time, I'll share my secret recipe too. ;-)

Sunday I walked 4.5 miles in the morning, because I felt guilty from Saturday night. Then, I came home and ate two reduced fat cinnamon rolls. GUILT! For lunch, I made myself a wrap with turkey, reduced fat Swiss cheese, fat free miracle whip, chili powder and lettuce on a wheat wrap. Then, I had nothing else until we went to a graduation party, where I had the following: grilled chicken, salad, watermelon, shrimp/noodle salad, bean/corn salsa with chips and cheese, a bite of banana pudding and a big piece of chocolate cake.

When we got home, had the kids bathed in in bed, I wanted nothing more than to pull out the ingredients for the Key Lime Pie Martini and make up a batch. I wanted that more than a piece of the The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever, but that would have done too. Instead, I got a glass of Raspberry Lemonade Crystal Light and grabbed the phone. Can't think about eating when I am talking to my mom or a good friend back in IN.

Now, so that I don't go eat or whip up a batch of drinks, I am going to bed!

Coming soon, the recipe for Key Lime Pie Martini's!

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Anonymous said...

Just curious why you don't eat Splenda?