Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Look

I need a new look, that is a new hairstyle. Right now, this is me:
My hair is to my bra strap on my back. It is very thick and wavy/curly. It does look nice straightened, that's me in the middle:

But, it takes forever to straighten being this long. Not to mention when it is humid then I have to worry about what it will look like. So, I need ideas. I'll take any! Send them my way. Even better, if you have a link to a picture, put that in my comments as well!


JoAnn said...

I just got my one length hair cut, but the regular person couldn't tell. She cut layers into my hair, long layers so I could still do my beloved pony tail. But you could literally see big chunks being cut out of my hair.

I bet if you do this, it would take less time to straighten, and would look still similiar to your hair in the picture....

When it is curly though, I have no idea, as my hair is straight as anything.

If you want a short haircut, don't ask me, I would never look in that direction, but that is just me! LOL! I have to have my pony some days.

Good Luck!


Tanya said...

Have you considered permanent straightening? I did that once and it worked great. It's pricy, but I think it's worth it if you prefer your hair straight. I think Tracy had it done too and if I remember, she really liked it too.

Kelly said...

Embrace your curls!!! Cut a couple inches off, get some long layers all around, and buy some curling mousse!! Or, go Tanya's route and prof straighten. I vote for the curls (wonder why!!)