Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blue Room

There is a family in our neighborhood that sadly, lost their two year old a few weeks ago. Apparently, the father was home with the child who was sick with a cold or allergies. From what I have heard, he gave him some medicine and put him down for a nap. When he went up later, the boy was blue and had no pulse. Police, fire and medic arrived, but were unable to revive him. I do not know what happened, if it was an allergic reaction or what. The mother was about 8 months pregnant and was hospitalized for shock.

Last night, I was out for my evening walk when I walked by the house where this family lives. They had the windows in a front bedroom open and the lights on. I could see that they had been painting, as they had two walls done and around the top of the ceiling. The room is being painted blue. I can only imagine the anguish they must be feeling. How difficult would it be to be excited for a new boy to be born while still mourning the death of your other boy. My heart goes out to the entire family...

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