Monday, February 26, 2007

Two New Favorite Recipes

Yesterday, I decided to delve into cooking/baking for the afternoon. I absolutely love to try out new yummy recipes and am very happy in the kitchen, unless my crazy kids are under my feet, then I just want to throw them in the pot right along with whatever I am making!

Yesterday, I made Pioneer Woman's version of The Best Lasagna Ever and The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake Ever. Let me tell you, they were awesome!

I don't have pictures of the wonderful results of my afternoon in the kitchen because my family, along with one of our neighboring families, devoured most of what was there. But, I can tell you that I was quite skeptical of the lasagna, because it is made with cottage cheese and it has 2 1/2 lbs of meat in it and only two layers of noodles. But, it was absolutely amazing!!!!

The chocolate sheet cake was to die for too! It was warm and gooey and sweet and, and, and... All four kids devoured theirs and all four adults too. In fact, the two male adults (BD was one of these) had more than one helping of this as well as the lasagna. The only thing I would say is the next time I make this sheet cake (yes, I am planning already), I will serve it with some Edy's Slow Churned French Vanilla Ice Cream. Then, I think I may really experience a food orgasm!

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Nicole P. said...

I wanted to make Ree's lasagna for my mom's visit this last weekend but her trip got cancelled due to a ton of snow.

To avoid devouring a whole pan of lasagna by myself, I postponed the lasagna as well :)