Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I am feeling short of breath and completely nervous about this afternoon. We have an appointment scheduled with the vet at 4:30.

How can I choose for Quincy to die? How can I execute him? This is the hardest decision I have ever made in my life and BD is of no help. Since he didn't see the bite actually happen, he said he is relying on my judgment if Quincy was really aggressive or not. Damn him! I really think the dog would be fine for a while longer, but how much longer? When is too long? Do I need to wait until he really hurts someone or one of the kids?

This is so difficult. I am going to have him put down and I will pray that this is the right decision for all involved. I just can't send him to a pound, knowing he will be completely freaked out (he has terrible separation anxiety) and scared. He definitely won't pass their aggressiveness tests.

Please keep us in your thoughts this afternoon as BD and I take him to the vet. I am going to comfort him the entire time and try to make this easier on him. I do love this dog.

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