Monday, February 12, 2007

Girls Weekend Recap - Part I

I'll have to break up the stories from the weekend into a few posts on a few days, as there was so much!

My two childhood friends arrived on Thursday afternoon. After taking them to my home, we went to pick up the kids from school. The kids were so funny because they were so shy! After BD got home from work, my friends and I headed to On The Border for dinner. My one friend, B, is addicted to that place. They don't have one near where she lives, so whenever she comes she insists on eating there. We were pretty good, each with only one margarita.

Friday, after waiting for B to finish getting ready (she is notoriously slow), we dropped the kids off at school and headed out for the day. We started with a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel. You can't go wine tasting on an empty stomach! We then headed about an hour and forty five minutes north to Shelton Vineyards. The grounds were beautiful, but it was just way too cold to go for an outside tour and such. We each sampled five different wines and B and L were taught the art of wine tasting (you know the five S's: see, swirl, smell, swish, spit), only we didn't spit, we swallowed (can you imagine the google hits I am going to get with that phrase?). I wasn't super fond of their wines, but I did end up buying a nice house red from them. I am typically a huge Pinot Noir fan, but it just didn't hit me right then. The tasting room and gift shop area is just beautiful there, although it would be really nice if they had stools for you to sit on during your tasting instead of making you stand at the counter.

We left Shelton Vineyards and headed a quick hop down the road to a little horse accessory shop. L's daughter, who is the same age as PM, really loves horses. She was hoping to find her some type of t-shirt or necklace. Unfortunately, this shop was more for the horse owner than just the city horse lover. We were back in the car pretty quickly.

From there, we drove about 5-10 minutes down the road to Black Wolf Vineyards. They do not offer tours, but you can do a tasting at the restaurant. I would have to say that I enjoyed the way this tasting was done, but really wish that the waitress would have been a little more attentive to just the tasting rather than serving food and such to the other tables. We were seated at a little round table in the room in front of the fireplace. On one wall was a stuffed/mounted boars head. Above the fireplace was a stuffed/mounted wild turkey. The building was a log cabin and really reminded me of a nice hunters lodge. The food smelled and looked divine, but we decided to not eat lunch there and wait. I ended up not purchasing any wine from this stop, but both B & L did. They had a wine that was a savignon blanc with a hint of peach that they both loved.
After we left that winery, we headed to Mount Airy in search of lunch and yet another winery. I'll continue here in the next entry.

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