Friday, January 05, 2007


I know, I know, I have been very boring lately. My stats have gone way down and I need to talk about something interesting. But, I just don't lead a very interesting life. I don't live on a working ranch and have cows to preg-test to tell stories about. I didn't get any really cute puppy pajamas for Christmas to show you. I haven't accidentally peed on my iPod, so I don't need to now call it an iPeed. And, I didn't have a Honky Christmas to tell y'all about.

So, what have I got? Well, I have a brain that at times thinks this line, "I have to write about this on my blog" and then immediately forgets what that is. It is like the line, "I have to write about this on my blog" opens up the special permanently dispose of information section of my brain and dumps the thoughts in there instead of the temporarily keep section. Or maybe the temporarily keep section is just too full right now.

I know when PM was getting ready to turn five, all I did was whine about it. Well, DQ is getting ready to turn four. I just don't feel as whiny. I wonder why? I guess four isn't as much of a milestone as five is. She is still the same old DQ. She has decided to have her party at one of those indoor play places where the kids get to jump on air inflated things until their eyeballs pop out. I will post a link to it later, after she has had her party. Her party is a week from tomorrow, on her birthday. She has decided that she wants a Strawberry Shortcake cake (yippee! I already have the mold, as she had one for her 1st birthday too!). She has also informed me that she wants the goody bags for the guests to have Nerds and Hershey Kisses in them. She has quite the opinion doesn't she?

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QofD said...

Hey, giving kids goodie bags with Nerds and Hershey Kisses beats the snot out of giving them packs of filterless Camels... I kid, I kid...

On a different note: Everyone's stats go down during the holidays until about mid-January. It's not just you, it's all of us!