Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vomit and Kindergarten Appointment

So, after being home sick yesterday because I have a virus in my throat that made one of my tonsils take up my entire throat and cover it with little sores (ulcers), I had PM's five year appointment today. But, before we can even get to that, we have to start my day off right!

BD is out of town. Now, I really don't mind him being gone, in fact it is kind of nice. The only thing I really miss him for (at least at the beginning, I am sure if he was gone longer I would miss him more) is taking care of the dogs. Every morning he feeds them and lets them out and all. Well, this morning, we slept until about 7, of course, DQ came down in my bed at 6AM and started fidgeting at about 6:30, but I digress... So, I get the dogs fed and let them out. I then get the kids to get dressed and get them both poptarts for breakfast (there's my mother of the year award again!). I let the dogs in and our beagle starts to puke on the living room floor. I ran to grab him, after he already threw up on the carpet, to throw him outside. As I do so, he projectile vomits all over the carpet and me.

So, now half of my living room is covered in dog puke! You want a description of it, come on, you know you do... Anyway, it was basically un-chewed and chewed food. All over! I tried to pick it up with paper towels the best I could and had the bright idea to get the steam cleaner out to finish the job. Well, since it was already over half the living room, I figured I might as well just do the whole thing.

So, I did. Only after I was done, I realized that there was no water in the reservoir that is supposed to hold the water is sucks back up. It was clogged. So, I took it to the laundry room, dripping filthy puke water all the way and tried to clean out the hair and puke so that it would work. I got it semi-working and went over the floor again. Yes, that was absolutely disgusting!

After all of this, I had 30 minutes left to take a shower and get the kids out the door so I could drop off DQ at school and get PM to the ped by 9:15.

At PM's appointment, he did great. He weighs only 39.5 lbs. He is 43 inches tall. And, he got four shots. Yes, four. Since they are shooting all the stuff in the kid at the same time anyway, I don't understand why they just can't put it all in one. But, I digress. So, PM figures out that I am serious and he is getting shots about the time I put him on my lap and pull his arms out of his shirt. He starts thrashing around and kicking and all. The nurse is trying to tell him to hold still. The nurse is not the normal one, I so wish Ms. Chris had been there, and doesn't really know what to do. I finally get him calmed down enough to look at me and I am so mean. I told him that if he didn't calm down and hold still that they wouldn't let mommy stay in the room. Instead they would bring in other people to hold him down and give him his shots and I wouldn't be allowed in there. I feel so mean. But, he calmed down and got his shots.

Tonight, when I pick him up at school, I am taking him and DQ to McDonald's. His treat that he picked was to be able to go and play at McDonald's, eat dinner and have a chocolate dipped cone. Phew...

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Queen of Dysfunction said...

You're not mean. You have to do what you have to do to take care of your kids.

I feel for you on the dog puke thing though. Ick.