Monday, January 29, 2007

A Random Monday

I can't get my thoughts together for a nice long post, so instead I will direct you to what is floating around inside my head today:
  • Melissa had an interview on the Today Show that she was totally set up for. I completely agree with her entry on the topic 100% and do also have drinks when I am with friends and their children. I think nothing of it, unless I have to drive.
  • Ree had a wonderful time with her husband Marlboro Man, her sister Wetsy and her husband over the weekend at a gala. Can you believe that? She got to go to a Gala! I am so jealous! Ree is also nominated for a Bloggie in the category of best-kept secret weblog. Do her well by checking out her site and voting for her, if you are so inclined.
  • I had my eyebrows done today. I have them do the threading method instead of waxing, as I am very sensitive for some reason and waxing tends to leave me pink for hours on end. It hurt like hell though and at one point I felt as though I might toss my cookies. That might have had something to do with the fact that I hadn't eaten my lunch yet and was really hungry at the time too. In all, I really wish I could just do waxing, as that is over much quicker. There are just one or two big "ripp" sounds versus tons and tons of little "zipft" sounds where I cringe every time.
  • I love torturing myself so much that instead of bleaching the hair on my upper lip this time, I am contemplating having it waxed. Of course, if I do that, I will definitely have to do it right after work so that I can take my pink mustache self straight home instead of back upstairs to my office.
  • Do women in Europe do their eyebrows or upper lips? I remember something about they don't shave their armpits, or is that the French? Sometimes I wish I was French (if they are the ones that don't shave), but then I think ewww! That would just look so gross when I lifted up my arm! Talk back to me and let me know what you know about this subject. Also, do you wax or thread or anything else with the hair on your upper lip?
Well, that's really all that's floating around in here today.

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