Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Too old

Last night, as I was laying with PM before he went to sleep, I was informed that he was too old for me to hold him or rub his back while I sing to him, but that it was still ok to sing to him. Yes, my little man is growing up. Now, if he would just figure out that he is too old to be waking me up in the middle of the night when he has to use the restroom!

DQ is also growing so much! She was wearing size four pants and panties. Well, she is constantly walking around picking her underwear out of her bottom like she has a permanent wedgie! So, I bought her bigger underwear. Did you know for little girls that they jump from size 4 to size 6 in panties? I didn't. That didn't work and it appears that her pants are the issue now too. So, I had to go and buy her size five pants. For the most part that has solved the problem, but now I need to buy her more pants (or just ignore the butt picking for a while).

PM & DQ are basically the same size again. I think DQ has had a little growth spurt. She is definitely within half an inch of him in height. When we weighed them, they were exactly the same (holding strong at 38.8 lbs). Her feet are a little bigger though. She is a solid 13, whereas PM is more of a 12.5.

DQ will be four on January 13. So, once we are through the holiday rush, look for me whining about her growing up too!!

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