Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pictures, as promised

First, here is PM with a blanket one of his friends helped her mom make for him. He loves it!

Here is PM with a few of his friends from his "old school". I don't know why his one friend is making that face. Every time I pulled out the camera he did that, even though the rest of the time he was smiling and wild!

Here is PM bowling (yes, I said bowling, not doing a crazy dance move).

PM with a balloon he blew up. He wanted me to take a picture of it on his head. No clue why, but I did as he asked.

Last, but not least, here is the cake I made for him. It was my second one, in two ways. First, I made this same cake for his party last year. So, it was nice that I already had the mold and had done it before. Second, I made one cake (just baked it) on Saturday, but left it in the mold too long and when I went to take it out it stuck to the pan and fell apart. So, Sunday morning, I had to bake a new cake and then decorate it. Phew...

So, in all, his party was a huge success on Sunday afternoon. He still hasn't un-packaged all of his gifts. We are doing one each night and morning for him, as there is just so much. A few of the items seem a little too young for him and those I will either try to take back and get him something else or donate them next year to my Angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree, as I am already finished with it this year.

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Anonymous said...

Alright, that cake? Gorgeous! I am officially jealous! How did you do that?