Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gun Safety

I hesitate in posting this, but here it goes.

Last Friday morning, before school, an 8 yr old boy shot his 5 yr old brother in the forehead. Both children attend my kids school. The 5 yr old was rushed to the hospital and the 8 yr old was taken to school for the day. They wanted to airlift the 5 yr old to another hospital, but due to bad weather were unable to do so and had to take him by ambulance instead. It really doesn't matter, as he would have died anyway. He died later that afternoon.

I did not know either of these children, but seeing the grief on all of the teachers faces that have had both of them throughout the years is heartbreaking. The little boy's funeral is today, at which all of his favorite songs will be sung and afterwards is a graveside ceremony.

So far, my kids have not really heard anything or understood what is going on and I pray that they don't.

This is my rant: THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED! The gun was loaded with the safety off and under the mother's pillow. She kept it there when the father was out of town. When he was home, it was kept in the nightstand. WHY OH WHY do people still do this??? How many children have to die at the hands of a sibling or other child to make people realize that this can happen to you??? Not only am I sad that this young child's life has been taken, but also, I am so sad for this 8 yr old who has to live with this the rest of his life.

So far, I do not know if they are pressing charges against the mother...


Anonymous said...

Both those parents should be taken out and shot. No pun intended.

I don't understand why some people have ZERO common sense when it comes to this stuff. You can have guns, (heck I have guns!) but parents NEED to keep them locked away and unloaded when you have children of any age in the home.

How heartbreaking that a child had to die, and his brother has to live with this for the rest of his life because of their parents' idiocy! Oh my frickin' word, stuff like this gets my blood boiling. I am so sorry for those kids.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary. I feel very strongly about this subject and need to comment.

I was brought up in a household that contained around 100 guns. I was taught gun safety about the same time I learned to walk. I never handled, or mis-handled a weapon.

I taught my children gun safety as toddlers, as well. I have always been able to trust them with any weapons, in any situation.

One might argue that this isn't necessary, but home safety is a real concern for some people, like it or not and an unloaded, locked up gun will not save anyone in a home invasion situation and home invasions happen every day. Someone will die in a home invasion before I finish this comment, most likely.

In addition, I will offer this short story. My family visited relatives during huntinng season. several families were there. The owner of the house came in from hunting and set his gun against the wall and walked away. My 4 yr old son walked in the room to find a 10 and an 8yr old playing with the gun, pretending to shoot eachother. He told them to stop. They replied the gun wasn't loaded. He toddled, up, ejected a bullet out of the rifle, told them to treat all weapons as if they are loaded and walked out to give me the gun. He possibly saved one of their lives, or the lives of anyone in that house, had that gun gone off. Guns are NOT the problem. People without the necessary knowledge and respect for guns are. A gun can save your life, or take it. Sadly, your neighbors did not have themselves, or impart either to their children.

*steps down off soapbox*