Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve Service to Remember

On Christmas Eve, we took the kids and my mom to the kids service at our church at 5PM. We got there at about 4:30, to ensure that we got a seat. They had the children in kindergarten through second grade sing before the service started. PM can't wait to be able to do it next year. Then, during the message, Father Joe had all of the children come up to the front to listen. As he would ask them questions, PM and DQ were shouting out the answers. It was so cute, although at one point I did have to hide in the pew... I can't remember what PM shouted out, but it was funny.

The highlight of the evening was during communion. Both Father Joe and a retired Priest named Father Tony were handing out the hosts. We were in Father Tony's line. As he started to put his hand up to bless DQ (since she is obviously too young to take communion, she walks with her arms crossed and hands on her shoulders and the priest usually just places his hand on their forehead and gives a blessing) she didn't realize that was what he was doing. She thought he wanted a hi-five, so she reached up her hand and gave him one. It was so funny! I wish I had videotaped that moment!!!

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